Childbearing has always been a life-altering event, but in today’s world it is wrought with far more complexity. If you are trying to become pregnant the rest of your life may be eclipsed by the monthly cycles of hope and disappointment. If you are undergoing fertility treatment, you have the added stress of appointments and medications hijacking your schedule and your body. The emotions that accompany this process cannot only greatly impact your relationships and work, but also your potential for conceiving. Putting words to this experience can help you traverse this painstaking process.

If you are pregnant, or have just had a baby, you may be full of feelings that are both overwhelming and unfamiliar. Becoming a mother is a transformative experience filled with both joy and confusion; it is possibly the most evocative event of your life. It demands a reorganization of your identity, your partnership, and your professional life. Coming to therapy during this time may seem like the last thing you have time for, but it is in fact a window of opportunity.