Being a man in today’s society is becoming more and more complicated. There is pressure for men to be more feminine (i.e. sensitive, nurturing, vulnerable, emotional) while at the same time maintaining a traditional masculine role (i.e. being the strong rational provider). This puts men in a double bind, and leaves many feeling criticized and misunderstood.

At the same time, this new invitaitiation to be in touch with - and expressive of - your feelings may be both relieving and confusing. You may now be aware of your needs and feelings, yet lacking the tools to communicate them. Or, you may find yourself lonely, seeking a relationship you have been unable to find. Any and all of this can lead to anxiety, which for men can often result in various forms of self-destructive behaviors (e.g., sexual difficulties or compulsivity, alcoholism, aggression, and over-working). For many men, talking to a therapist about these problems is far easier than confiding in a spouse or family member. My goal is to help you to explore, understand and address what is troubling you without weakening your sense of effectiveness in the world.